An open letter to Willie Nelson

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Dear Willie,

Your controversial peace song is a beacon of Hope. The Iraq war was sold with lies and is a flagrant violation of The Nuremberg Principles.

9/11 was used to justify the destruction, occupation and exploitation of a foreign nation. The root cause of 9/11 was the U.S. Government distributing weapons that killed, blinded, burned, crippled and maimed millions from the Middle and Far East to Central and South America and Africa. Picture children screaming in agony, eardrums blown out from the concussion of bombs made for profit in the USA. The Federal Government made 9/11 inevitable by weapons profiteering and creating revenge seeking enemies for Americans. President Eisenhower warned about the military industrial complex that is looting the U.S. Treasury and terrorizing distant people to the vagaries of the U.S. President.

Americans wondering why 9/11 occurred should ask “How many $100 billions of weapons did America ship to the Middle East?” and “How many weapons did the people of the Middle East ever send to America?”

I am a tour guide and talk to people from all over the world. Most tourists from other countries are dismayed by American militarism. Beyond the borders people think Americans are greedy and evil. The U.S. is called “The arms supermarket of the world.” What would make the people of the rest of the world happiest is an embargo on the export of weapons from America.

Willie, your song is a mirror for American consciences. If media personalities scorn your song and wrap themselves in the flag rather than face the light of truth, take heart. You are in the company of history’s greatest heroes who spoke truth in the face of power seekers, military adventurers and potential dictators.

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