Letter to the editor

Tune played too early

Saturday, while listening to a local radio station, I heard the recurring announcement of the Western vs. Mississippi State basketball game including the pitch “Western Kentucky University will debut their new fight song, ‘High on a Hilltop.'”

I do know for a fact that many hours were spent in the writing of this song, with an entire day spent at Hilltop Recording studio in Nashville, along with video production time. Many people had planned on coming to the game in order to see the wares of their dedication and hard work, along with family members who drove hours and friends of those who participated. Unfortunately, most everyone didn’t see the long awaited debut. Friends, family members, students and faculty alike were having dinner or parking their cars and walking to the arena as the unannounced music video played at about 6:30 p.m. to less than 20 percent of the game’s patrons.

We all watched in anticipation at halftime, sitting on the edge of our seats for the long-awaited music video, but there was no mention and no showing. I’m not quite sure the purpose of this letter. Maybe it’s my personal conviction. Maybe it’s my disappointment in the lackluster recognition that those who worked so hard received. Maybe they’ll get it right at the next home game.

J. M. Clauson

Laboratory Coordinator/Microbiologist/Instructor

Department of Biology