Semester series ends tonight

Marlene Brueggmann

David Keeling has visited Chile 10 times, most recently last November as part of an American Geographical Society expedition.

Keeling will share his experiences tonight at 7 at Barnes & Noble Booksellers on Campbell Lane. The presentation is the semester’s last in the “Far Away Places with Strange-Sounding Names” series.

“It is a spectacular, beautiful country,” said Keeling, department head of geography and geology and a specialist on Latin American countries. “And it is a comfortable and safe place for Americans to travel to.”

Keeling, who previously spoke about Brazil and Argentina for the series, said his lecture will last about an hour and be accompanied by a Power Point presentation, satellite photos and slides of the northern deserts and southern glaciers.

Brian Coutts, department head of library public services, said the “Far Away Places” program has done well since its inception three years ago.

Despite competing against sports events and other activities, “Far Away Places” has attracted sponsors and a sizable audience, including Western faculty and members of the Bowling Green community.

Coutts said natives of the focus countries often attend, as well as people who want to travel there.

He said the program was created to try to bring out the international aspect of Western’s campus to students.

The success of the program is also reflected in the number of presenters who are already lined up for the continuation of the series next semester.

Presenters are expected to give more than just a vacation journal. They are encouraged to talk about the language, traditions, geography and points of interest.

“We want presenters to talk about what it is like to be a researcher in the country, and not just a traveler,” Coutts said.

Coutts said attendees will enjoy Keeling’s presentation.

“He’s probably been to more places than anybody else on the faculty,” Coutts said.

The next presentation in the series will be on Feb. 19. Johnston Njoku, associate professor of folk studies, will talk about Nigeria.

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