WHAT’S YOUR STORY: Student adjusting to transfer

Adriane Hardin

It wasn’t a long decision-making process.

“It was suggested to me and I thought it would be fun,” said Travis Gain, a junior from Fairfield, Ill.

And so Gain became a design, merchandising and textiles major with an emphasis in interior design.

He transferred to Western from Frontier Community College in Fairfield this fall.

He is enrolled in two interior design courses this semester. Gain said he believes these courses will prove invaluable when he graduates from the program.

“I’ve always been interested in homes,” Gain said. “It (interior design) is not an office job kind of thing.”

Gain hopes to avoid the ho-hum atmosphere of a “9 to 5” office job at all costs.

“I’ve already looked,” he said. “I’m open to St. Louis or Indianapolis.”

Both St. Louis and Indianapolis are close to his home in Fairfield.

“I don’t want to move really far away from home,” he said.

It was Gain’s aunt who first suggested he become a Hilltopper.

Gain said he likes Bowling Green, and if he could find a job in Bowling Green, he wouldn’t mind settling here.

But he said it was difficult to be a transfer student, and he is still adjusting.

“I do like the school and the campus,” Gain said. “It was a weird transition and a long transition too.”

The biggest difference Gain has noticed between Frontier and Western is that classes at Western are shorter.

He has also become involved on campus, which has helped the transition.

This is his first experience living away from home.

“I like living on campus,” he said. “I don’t see any reason for me to live off campus.”

Gain lives in Gilbert Hall, where he is a member of the hall council.

“I miss living at home,” he said. “But then sometimes I like to live on my own.”

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