Letters to the editor

Thank you for being a friend

On behalf of all Western students, I would like to extend a very special “thank you” to the Western Board of Regents for helping with a problem that’s weighed heavily on us all. Like most college students, we were all burdened with an abundance of money. Most of us, me included, spent many a sleepless night wondering what we would do with that money, even worrying that we might put it to use on something worthless. Thankfully, the Board of Regents helped us decide where that money needed to go.

Perhaps it is beyond my understanding, since I don’t share the infinite wisdom of the Board of Regents, but with a funding increase from the Council on Post-Secondary Education (EDITOR’S NOTE – estimated CPE funding is only proposed at this time), reported in our very own Herald, the excuse of state budget cuts seems a little fishy.

There are a lot of Western students who work full-time jobs to pay tuition, housing, food, etc., and as a result don’t have enough time to devote to actually studying. This just makes it harder for us. Thanks, Board!

Ty Martin

Prestonsburg senior

Warm temps = cold treatment

I am writing regarding the heating/cooling problem that thousands of students and faculty/staff have encountered in the past month here at Western. We have experienced unseasonably warm temperatures this fall; however, the air has been turned off in many buildings. This is ridiculous. When the temperature outside is climbing to 80 degrees, students and faculty/staff are inside these buildings either in class, in an office or in dorm rooms baking in the heat. This creates an unsatisfying and uncomfortable environment for everyone. My French class is in the fine arts center, and my professor reluctantly decided to cancel class because of the heat, the horrible smell, and because she saw from the tired and uncomfortable looks on our faces that we were not going to be able to pay attention and learn anything that day. I find myself getting a headache after every class I have in FAC. Cherry Hall and the library have also been a problem. Computers have broken down and labs were closed last semester due to the heat. Students are sweltering in the dorms. I understand that Western is working to conserve money, but when saving money gets in the way of learning, its purpose is defeated. That is, after all, why we are here, right? Please allow for proper heating and cooling in Western’s budget. You will find that it will pay off for everyone.

Crystal Edge

Frankfort junior

Gypped out of spaces

There was once a time when I parked in what the ticket referred to as a “non-designated space.” For my terrible crime, I was fined $20. It didn’t matter that every space on campus was filled or that I was going to be late to class because of my 45 minutes search for a space. However, I took the fine like an adult and didn’t whine too much. One of the biggest reasons I didn’t complain was because every space that I couldn’t park in was occupied by an honest-to-goodness car. Last week I noticed a new addition to my beloved Center Street lot – a Homecoming float.

Now I’m not saying that I dislike Homecoming or floats or any combination thereof, but while it was moved after a week, the float stayed there the duration of the week following Homecoming and successfully managed to block three spaces which students would be able to use. Upon investigation, I found neither a parking tag nor a ticket. This tells me two things: One, this isn’t a registered vehicle and two, no one has to pay for this parking violation. Of course, once I think about it, at least three people per day have to pay for this infraction. That’s three spaces taken up by a float for an event that was over five days ago.

Not only are people forced to park elsewhere, dare I say in “non-designated spaces,” but the float was also disintegrating into a moist moldy mess which can only serve to beautify campus. I don’t know if there is some law that allows for the parking of floats in parking lots that people pay money to park in, but I do know that some of us out there would like an explanation as to why this abomination was allowed to sit there for so long.

Shaun Smith

Bowling Green graduate student

<> Deltas got robbed at step show

I attended the Homecoming Step Show on Nov. 1. I am writing to let the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta know that they stepped their butts off. I was very disappointed that they didn’t win and earn “official” bragging rights. I have been to step shows in Atlanta, Tuskegee, Frankfort and some others. I have NEVER seen a show quite like the show the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta put on. The mascot, the uniforms. Excellent work, ladies. Keep up the good work. Keep your heads up. And I will be watching for your victory NEXT YEAR!

Gail Clemons

Russellville senior