Few turn out for Greek Village Forum

Josh Coffman

What if there was a forum and nobody showed up to voice their complaints?

Such was the case last night when only one student showed up at DUC theater for the Residence Hall Association’s “Hot Topics Series” forum to discuss the proposed Greek Village – and that student was with Student Government Association President John Bradley.

Gene Tice, vice president of Student Affairs and campus services, a slated speaker for the event, and Erin Davis, university centers program coordinator and host of the forum, said bad timing played a role in the turnout.

The forum was scheduled for the day before classes dismiss for Thanksgiving.

Tice and Davis said they plan to reschedule the forum for sometime in January.

Students who want to voice their opinions before the next Hot Topics forum can speak out Monday at 6 p.m. at the Community Church of Christ.

The university is working with city officials, according to President Gary Ransdell, but he also said the village is not at the top of Western’s to-do list.

Ransdell said he feels “troubled” because some people misunderstand how the university may fund the village project.

“I’m puzzled to why that would keep coming up,” he said. “If it’s controversial, it’s because some continue to suggest there would be a tuition increase.”

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