plus/minus grading system

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There is a vocal student concern concerning the implementation of these priviledged grades. There is no room for selfish commencatory attitudes amongst the school scholarly faculty. As a WKU student, never have I felt the dismal array of impending doom to my scholarly disaster. It is absurd.

Levying the restriction rights of the adminstration will only bring further difficulties.

As a EKU faculty member once said, “There is a fear among students that their 4.0 GPA will become a 3.7 with no reason.” The truth of the matter is that when our report cards are swindled of all mediocrity, in the process of grade-ification, everybody loses. The non-traditional student face a perculiar delimma.

How will this grading system affect the children? Single mothers are doing all they can but president Ransdell sees fit to give his students an augmented financial stress.

My concern is that the hard-working students who would normally be admitted into graduate school will descend towards the fiery inferno of academic depletion. There are many other students who feel the same.