Letters to the editor

Discontented with dining services

I would like to comment on the horrid management of the dining services during Homecoming last Saturday night. Immediately after the game, all dining on campus promptly closed. Since the game started at 4 p.m., most likely all people that attended the game had not eaten dinner. However, there was nowhere to eat on campus, and many people rely on dining services to provide their food source.

Students had to choose between going to the most anticipated game of the year or eating. We are well aware that the hours available to eat are already inconvenient, but this totally crosses the line.

Maybe dining services should think about the students rather than sticking to a strict schedule. Even an extra 15 minutes would have sufficed, but the student body could not even get that.

Chad Angel

Lexington sophomore

There is a price for love

This letter is in response to Mrs. Barbara Burch’s comments in the article about the tuition increase (“Tuition increase common,” Oct. 28). She stated that the tuition increase shouldn’t stop students from returning to class in January. She also said that when a student comes to the financial aid department, it can help them to continue their education. I hate to be the one to tell you, but this is not always true. A few weeks ago I went to them to get some help, and they told me that my parents love me too much for me to get a grant. “Loving me too much” to the financial aid department means: one parent is not incarcerated, my parents didn’t kick me out of the house, they didn’t abuse me, and they are both alive.

I was in awe that someone who has supported herself since she was 17 and writes a check to Western every semester can’t get some “free” money. I didn’t mean to belittle those students that do receive grants from Western, but what about those of us that need help but don’t come from broken homes? All I am asking for is a little grant to help me go to school next semester. I was told that I can get as many loans as I want, but the school can’t give me money because I make too much money (about $15,000) and my parents love me too much. Well Mrs. Burch, thanks to your help I will be sitting out next semester.

Misti Wicker

Nashville junior