Sweltering on the Hill

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I am writing regarding the heating/cooling problem that thousands of students and faculty/staff have encountered in the past month here at Western. We have experienced unseasonably warm temperatures this fall; however, the air has been turned off in many buildings. This is ridiculous. When the temperature outside is climbing to 80 degrees, students and faculty/staff are inside these buildings either in class, in an office, or in dorm rooms baking in the heat. This creates an unsatisfying and uncomfortable environment for everyone. My French class is in FAC and my professor reluctantly decided to cancel class because of the heat, the horrible smell, and because she saw from the tired and uncomfortable looks on our faces that we were not going to be able to pay attention and learn anything that day. I find myself getting a headache after every class I have in FAC. Cherry Hall and the library have also been a problem. Computers have broken down and labs were closed last semester due to the heat. Students are sweltering in the dorms. I understand that Western is working to conserve money, but when saving money gets in the way of learning, its purpose is defeated. That is, after all, why we are here, right? Please allow for proper heating and cooling in Western’s budget. You will find that it will pay off for everyone.

Crystal Edge

Frankfort,KY Junior

(270) 793-9921