“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” sells out Russell Miller Theatre, last show tonight

Lindsay Sainlar

Performing in a sold-out auditorium in the fine arts center last night, the cast of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” kept the audience laughing through the performance of Director John Doyle’s modern-day rendition of William Shakespeare’s famous match-making comedy.

With a boy scout and park ranger acting out a portion of the play’s many love triangles, the audience had plenty to be entertained by, from spinning beds to kissing boys.

Bowling Green senior Matt McDougal was impressed with Monday night’s performance. He said the fact that the play was acted out in a modern setting made it easier to connect with.

“They did a good job,” McDougal said. “I liked the troupe of actors and how the lovers acted the play out. I thought it was very funny.”

He recommends that everyone try to attend tonight’s final performance at 8 p.m. in the Russell Miller Theatre.

After practicing almost nightly for four weeks, actor Vince Villescaz, a sophomore from Nashville, Tenn., said he enjoyed every minute of rehearsal.

He said the cast tried to make the play appeal to a modern audience without taking away from Shakespeare’s intent.

He added that working with renowned director Doyle was a great experience.

While some came to fulfill requirements for theater and English courses, Owensboro sophomore Carrie Nance attended the play to support her Kappa Delta sorority sister Abby Wells, a Glasgow sophomore, who played the role of Hermia.

“I loved it, it was different,” Nance said. “Usually you just get to read the play. This way you get to see the characters and their reactions. You could tell what they were feeling.”

Nance said she gave the performance four stars.

Joe Cleinmark, a junior from Hampton, Va., said he thought the play was very entertaining and funny.

“If you would like to get a good laugh, I would recommend seeing it,” Cleinmark said. “It’s funnier than [the movie] ‘Elf’ and cheaper to see.”

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