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I have a daughter who has many problems finding a parking spot.She has a part time job and many nights she does not get back to her dorm until 11:00. If she has to park where she will not get a ticket it is across the street and she has to walk far in the dark. With everything that has happened this past year I would think they woud make exceptions. She was under the impressions she could park in the teachers lot as long as she is gone by 8:00 in the moring -well her classes start at 8:00 so of couse she is gone! She says the tachers parking is always empty (and the times I have been there this is true). She recieved a parking ticket the other day and it was for $50.00! A little steep for a college student to have to pay. If she is in the wrong I fully understand – but the problem is there is no parking for the students. Where else can she go go? I pray for her safety every night! This is a major problem and needs to be addressed!

Janice Wagoner