Expo might help freshmen

Kristy Mason

Since some college freshmen are primarily focused on trying to graduate in less than a decade, tomorrow’s Career Expo might not register more than a blip on their radar.

Monticello freshman Trisha Gothrup is not planning on attending the Career Expo.

“I have a major and I’m not interested in finding out about different majors,” Gothrup said. “If you don’t have a set major, the expo will help you decide what you’ll succeed in.”

Winchester freshman Jessica Oliver said she doesn’t plan to attend, but recognizes its potential benefits for new students.

“I think it would be a good idea for all freshmen to attend to get an idea of what career they might be interested in going into,” Oliver said. “I think the earlier you start the better your chances are of getting your foot in the door.”

Judy Owen, director of the Career Services Center, agrees.

Though some freshmen might not think it’s necessary to begin a career search now, she said it is critical for new students to see what the expo has to offer.

“For those who are undeclared, it is a good time for career exploration,” Owen said. “In talking with the employers, students may want to ask what majors individuals in the company, school or agency have, what career paths they followed, et cetera. They need to dress and act in a very professional manner and take the activity seriously or not go.”

Carol White, associate director of Career Services, said the expo is a valuable tool for students of all academic classifications.

“Career fairs give students an opportunity to speak one-on-one with company and graduate school representatives,” White said. “This can give students ideas about various jobs and careers offered by companies and familiarize them with how a career or job fair works.”

Owen said undeclared freshmen should take advantage of the fair. For freshmen who have already settled on a major, the Career Expo will help guide them in their career hunt, she said.

“In this time of very limited available jobs, it is important for students and alumni to access every opportunity to contact employers,” Owen said. “A career fair is one of the best chances to do that.”

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