Bigger cities offer more jobs

Clare Lowther

For many students, finding a job after graduation can seem like a daunting task.

But there is more to the search than simply determining a suitable career field. Equally important is finding the right place to work.

For those unsure about how to find the best location for a job, the Career Services Center may be able to offer some help. A Career Expo will be held from 1-5 p.m. tomorrow at South Campus.

Becky Bennett, career specialist at Career Services, said most Western graduates typically seek employment “close to home,” which often means in or around the Bowling Green area.

She said international students and those coming to Western from farther away are prone to seek employment internationally and all over the United States.

Judy Owen, director of Career Services, said that although many students may feel more comfortable looking for jobs close to their hometowns, it is important that students not limit themselves to one particular region.

“With the current job market, I would encourage students to keep their options for location as open as possible to ensure [they] are getting the job they want,” Owen said.

Owen said that most areas of the U.S. are experiencing limited job opportunities due to an economic downturn since Sept. 11, 2001.

She encouraged graduates to be persistent in their job hunts to counter the economic woes.

Bennett said those seeking in-state employment will have the best luck finding job opportunities in larger cities such as Lexington and Louisville.

“Because of their population size and the numbers of businesses located within them, the larger cities generally offer the most job openings,” she said.

Owen said that no matter where a person is employed, it is important that he or she feel comfortable in their surroundings.

She recommended that students research potential employers and the cities in which they are located so as to become more familiar with the area.

Bennett said that if a person does find a job in an area with which they are unfamiliar, he or she should visit the area’s Chamber of Commerce, subscribe to a local newspaper and visit local attractions to become more acquainted with the area.

Both Bennett and Owen recommended that students regularly check the Career Services Web site for potential jobs.

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