Vote Chandler/Owen

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Ben Chandler and Charlie Owen are the best candidates in this race. They have the ideas, record, and energy to bring Kentucky back and set us on the right path.

Kentucky has lost over 70,000 jobs. That’s 70,000 people just like you and me who come home to a house with hungry children and bills. What they get is what they pay. And that’s if they have a job. Nationally we have lost over 3 Million jobs, Prescription Drug and health care costs have when through the roof, gas prices have skyrocketed. Plus ours schools have not received hardly any funding.

It’s time for a real change, starting now, and Chandler/Owen presents that.

As Governor and LT. Governor they will…

-Work to create 100,000 news jobs and revive our Economy.

-Fully fund our schools, reduce class size, and instill values and discipline in our classrooms.

-Provide quality affordable health car and prescription drug coverage to all Kentuckians.

-Restore ethics in Government.

-Defend Kentucky’s cheap electricity, among others.

They have the real plan; they are ready to hit the ground running. Ben Chandler and Charlie Owen will bring Kentucky back, because they are focused on making KENTUCKY FIRST!

Brandon Long

358 Pilot Knob Rd. Apt. 4

Berea, KY 40403


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