Herald Should Review Advertising Choices

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Carrie Stewart


English Graduate Student from Bowling Green, Ky.

In reference to the Hell House advertisement

Perhaps it’s time the Herald considered ethics when choosing who to take money from. Let us consider for a moment the implications of that statement. For those who do not know, when a group or corporation approach the Herald staff with an advertisement to be placed in the paper, money is also exchanged. All those Arby’s coupons that litter the sidewalks were actually paid for by the company. The Herald of course uses this money, along the rest of the advertising fees, classifieds fees, and grants they receive to pay for the paper. So, do they really care where that money comes from?

Judging from the advertisement that fell out of my Herald on Tuesday of this week, I would say not. Yet again the Hell House has paid its way into the pockets of the Herald press. I am disgusted witht the thought that your staff did not even consider the consequences of placing such an ad in your paper. You contribute to the hatred and fear of this nation. I have always read the Herald every Tues. and Thurs. since my Freshman year here at Western. Now I refuse to read it. Shame on you Herald for accepting hate money. Shame on you.