Regents help students once again

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On behalf of all WKU students I would like to extend a very special “thank you” to the WKU Board of Regents for helping us all with a problem that’s weighed heavily on us all. Like most college students, we were all burdened with an abundance of money. Most of us, me included, spent many a sleepless night wondering what we would do with that money, even worrying that we might put it to use on something worthless. Thankfully, the Board of Regents helped us decide where that money needed to go.

Perhaps it is beyond my understanding, since I don’t share the infinite wisdom of the WKU Board of Regents, but with a funding increase from CPE, reported in our very own Herald, the excuse of state budget cuts seems a little fishy.

There are a lot of WKU students who work full-time jobs to pay tuition, housing, food, etc and, as a result don’t have enough time to devote to actually studying. This just makes it harder for us. Thanks Board!

-Ty Martin

Prestonsburg, KY


(270) 535-8543