Student government briefs

Lindsey Reed

The Student Government Association unanimously passed a resolution at its Tuesday meeting to recommend that the student body of Western vote in the election on Nov. 4.

Bowling Green sophomore Robert Watkins, an SGA member and author of the legislation, made a motion to suspend the by-laws so the resolution could be passed before the vote.

The resolution recommends that students not only vote, but research the candidates to make sure that they reflect their interests and values.

The resolution states that students could better choose a candidate who will support higher education if they research.

In other news

• SGA will have a tent set up on Downing University Center South Lawn during Homecoming before the football game on Saturday.

• The petition against plus/minus grading is being handed out on campus and all members now have the petition for students to sign.

The number of signatures turned in thus far is 350 with several more petitions in circulation.

SGA President John Bradley said he encourages concerned students to continue conversation and sending e-mails to senate members and administrators.

– Lindsey Reed