Accepting all views, both right and left

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When the “Hellhouse” ad appeared last week, a rather important

question emerged: Should the College Heights Herald associate

itself with an extreme right-wing Christian view? I applaud R. Justin

Shepard when he says it would be unethical of the Herald to censor

a conservative organization because of a political opinion. To censor

an ad that leans either way politically would be unthical. I have

complete faith that the editors (and the advertising department)

respect and support the “melting pot” that Western has become.

There are just as many liberal students reading this paper as there

are conservative, and all of us would like to be represented the

same. To put it another way, a great college newspaper is one where

a pro-gay or pro-choice organization can have an advertisement on

the same page as Victory Baptist Church. I’m sure most of us are sick

and tired of this debate. My suggestion is to move the focus towards

giving this campus, and this newspaper, enough room for all sorts of

political and spiritual views.

Beth Farnham

Interior Design Junior

Hampden, Maine