Call to Action

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A large number of older people say that young people

don’t care and don’t vote. The worst part about this

statement is that it is all too true. Most young people are

not concerned much about the important issues. I would

guess that if you asked the whole student body at WKU,

you would be lucky to find half of the people you asked

even knowing who is running for Governor of Kentucky.

We have one great candidate running. Congressman

Ernie Fletcher was a fighter pilot and has a degree in

engineering. He graduated from med school and was a

practicing physician when his friends asked him to run

for Congress. These are just a few of his positive


We need a change in our state government. Fletcher is

an ordained lay minister and should reestablish moral

ethics in Frankfort. He is against abortion and increased

gambling; his opponent (Chandler) says he supports

both. He is very interested in improving education.

Fletcher has made Bowling Green a repeated stop and

promises to return many times when elected.

If you are registered and cannot go home to vote, call

your county clerk’s office, or have your parents call, and

get an application for an absentee ballot sent to you, and

do it NOW-TODAY. You may even vote in your home

county clerk’s office early if you can get there. We must

do our part as adults and show that we are responsible

and that we do care.

Jason R. Herring


Franklin, KY