Regarding the Hell House Advertisement

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Way to go Herald staff editors for accepting the Hell House advertisement. This has become so repetitive every year. Each Halloween season Victory Hills Ministry puts on the Hell House and every year someone gets offended. How many of the people offended have actually been through the Hell House?

I think what people don’t like about the Hell House is that it tells the truth. Yes there was a school shooting scene one year, a drunk driving scene another, and a human sacrifice scene one year as well. Wake up people. Unless you haven’t been paying attention to the news those things are happening every day in America. Hell House is simply bringing the reality of America to light.

What’s so wrong with a church putting on a production like the Hell House if they are trying to witness? The point the Hell House is trying to get across is that if you don’t accept Jesus as your savior you are going to Hell, no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. For your information, the church buys the script for the right to put on the production, and a few churches from around the area also helped pitch in the first couple years.

No one seems to complain or protest when there are haunted houses going on. No one stands outside the theater protesting movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Freddy and Jason movies. I think people get offended because the Hell House forces them to take a look at their own life.

This is America people. If the Herald chose to accept the ad of a local church trying to witness to people, great. They would have done the same if a haunted house wanted to advertise with the Herald. Would you stop reading the paper then as well?

For a great part of the last century the government tried to censor music…it didn’t work, and censoring who advertises in a newspaper won’t either. Accept it and grow up!!!