The “Ghosts” section of the Homecoming Edition

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Although I know that I will inevitably get flack for even saying anything, I also know that I have the freedom of Free Speach, that said, I want to let the Herald know that I am very dissapointed in them for even having the insensitivity to publish something as stupid as a “ghost map” in the Homecoming edition of the paper. As Katie Autry’s roommate, I’m afraid that she will also one day be in a section like this. I do not want her memory to be no more important to anyone than as just another ghost story, as I’m sure the families of these once very real people feel as well. To those of you who didnt have the great privilige of getting to really know Katie I’m sure it seems stupid to you, but to those of us that can truly say that we were her friends we don’t want to see her memory diminished to nothing more than a silly tale about how a tiny girl was murdered in her dorm room on the Hill. I have already had to deal with hearing about some of the idiotic storied already being passed around about Katie’s ghost wondering around Poland. Trust me, if Katie was a ghost she wouldn’t bother with the likes of you.

Danica Jackson

Radcliff sophomore