Dialogue days planned for students, administrators to discuss issues

Lindsey Reed

Students may have never met university administrators, and non-Greeks don’t always form friendships with Greeks, but events are being planned to change those relationships.

The Student Affairs committee announced at Tuesday’s Student Government Association meeting dates and times for upcoming events, including “Dialogue Day” and a Greek forum.

He said administrators are not always accessible because they are in meetings, and they don’t usually get to meet students because they are in class.

Radcliff sophomore Katie Dawson, cochair of the Student Affairs committee, said there will be 17 administrators available to meet on Oct. 28 from noon to 2 p.m. outside of Java City in Helm-Cravens Library.

“The purpose is to open up the lines of communication between students and administrators,” she said.

Dawson said the event will allow students to associate a name with a face later on when they hear about an administrator.

The event was held last year for the first time in about eight years, Bradley said.

A forum designed to break down barriers between Greeks and non-Greeks is also planned for Nov. 20.

Dawson said there would be a general discussion on Greek life and why there can be conflicts between Greeks and non-Greeks.

“We are all the student body, and we shouldn’t separate ourselves,” Dawson said.

Louisville senior Troy Ransdell, SGA chief justice, is a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity and said Greeks aren’t that much different from non-Greeks.

Dawson said the committee plans to form a panel of seven students representing each side.

Panelists on the non-Greek side would include students from organizations like Spirit Masters, Dawson said.

Student senate members approved

University Senate is three members stronger now as SGA approved the appointments of student members.

Louisville senior Troy Ransdell, Paducah junior Hollan Holm and Jackson junior Josh Collins have all been approved to serve on the senate.

All of the students are SGA members.

Collins said he has always taken an interest in faculty issues because much of his family is involved in education.

“I’d really like to work with faculty on issues concerning students,” he said.

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