Curse or no curse, Cubs doomed to be mediocre

Josh Buckman

To all those Cubs fans out there, thanks for the laugh.

Yes, I am laughing at those fans who thought they were guaranteed a victory over the Marlins with Mark Prior on the mound Tuesday night. Yes, you who thought a 3-0 lead with five outs to go was insurmountable.

And I am especially laughing at those two happy (probably not as happy now) Cubs fans at Downing University Center who were commenting that they never thought they would see their team in a World Series in their lifetime.

You may have also thought that a dead man and his stuffed goat head currently mounted on the wall of a bar were no longer going to keep you from having another year of futility.

But alas, somehow your team managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory thanks to the efforts of one of your own fans.

Of course that fan might have wanted to keep the streaks alive – 58 years without winning the National League pennant and 95 years without winning a World Series.

Maybe it’s true that Cubs fans enjoy being the lovable losers. How else could one explain the support for a team that has not brought a world championship home since the final months of the Teddy Roosevelt administration?

Of course a lot of you have probably just become Cubs fans in the last few weeks. If the Cubs are in fact eliminated, then you can dust off your Yankees hat from a few years ago and once again pull for a surefire winner.

But I do not have this problem. As a die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan, I expect my team to win.

Since the Cubs drought started in 1908, my Cardinals have won nine world championships. Even though it has been 21 years since the Cardinals won it all, I can still catch a World Series victory on ESPN Classic.

Cubs fans, on the other hand, don’t have this luxury. Since none of them are old enough to remember their last World Series win, the best they can do to experience a world championship is look at some black and white photographs and a few nasty old newspapers.

I admit by the time you, the reader, are actually reading this, the Cubs might have won game seven, and your dream of seeing the Cubs play in their first world series in 58 years may still become a reality.

You may flood my answering machine to tell me I was wrong. You may flood my e-mail enough that would make the worst spammer seem as welcome as spring break.

However, I will still be laughing because I had a great time bugging their fans.

Josh Buckman is a junior print journalism major from Fancy Farm.

The opinions expressed in this commentary do not represent the Herald, Western or its administration.