Murdered teenager buried Saturday

Kandace Sebastian

Twilight is home.

It has been two years since the unsolved murder investigation of 15-year-old Twilight Crooks began. She left her house the night of Aug. 28, 2001 and never returned.

Her body was found Sept. 10, 2001 in a field near Mount Union Church Road.

During those two years, Twilight’s body has been retained in Frankfort at the State Medical Examiner’s office.

But last Thursday, Deputy Coroner Dewayne Lawrence from the Warren County Sheriff’s office told the Crooks family that Twilight had returned to Bowling Green.

Saturday, the grave site funeral ceremony was held at Bowling Green Gardens on Lovers Lane.

Two services were held, one for the family and the other for friends and the community.

The body had been kept in Frankfort because of the investigation and because of a dispute in Twilight’s family over where she would be buried.

Twilight’s father, Bob Crooks, a former Western employee, said the return of his daughter was bittersweet.

“I know right now I feel better now than a week ago,” Crooks said. “Now we can go see her, we know exactly where she is.”

Detective Roger Castle has been investigating the case.

Castle could not be reached for comment.

Lawrence said it was important to him to personally tell the Crooks family that their daughter had come home.

“I’ve worked on this for two years and you get to know the family,” he said. “They were here and to see the reaction on their face …”

Linda Crooks, Twilight’s stepmother, said she was relieved when she found out Twilight was returning.

Bob Crooks said Twilight was typical teenager.

He said she had a great smile, she had a wonderful personality and lots of friends.

Twilight would have graduated from Greenwood High School in June.

Bob and Linda attended the graduation, and their daughter was remembered during the ceremony.

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