Letters to the editor

It was a bad night for a forum

The forum conducted last Monday night on the subject of professional wrestling was both irresponsible and insulting to the intelligence of this student body. The women’s studies department obviously wanted to project the guise of a public forum, when intending nothing of the kind. This is glaringly obvious by the fact that they conducted their forum at 7 p.m. on MONDAY NIGHT. Do they honestly expect anyone to believe they were allowing for a full spectrum of views from all sides when they chose to hold their forum on the same night and time a majority of the people who possess passionate views in favor of wrestling would be at home watching it? And no, taping it isn’t the same as watching it live. They can’t claim ignorance because the film they showed (“Wrestling With Manhood”) showed excerpts from MONDAY NIGHT Raw.

Some of the greatest opportunities for learning we encounter at Western occur when we hear from those that do not share our opinions … or even zealously oppose what we think. The scam perpetrated by the women’s studies department Monday largely prevented that from happening. If they truly want to prove otherwise, they should reschedule the forum, give plenty of notice, and make sure that fliers are placed on every floor in the residence halls as well as all academic buildings. Anything less is a confession that they knew their position(s) would not hold up to legitimate scrutiny, and they knowingly took steps to shield themselves from such.

Troy Cole

Owensboro senior

Dye was misguided in comments

Mr. (Jeff) Dye, I can not believe that you have the audacity to take such a position that you have no experience in. I am a former student and employee of Western and the College Heights Herald. I worked in the advertising department there and now after graduation I work at a newspaper in advertising.

What they are doing is correct. They ran what is called a preview to give it’s readers the opportunity to hear about your play and to know when you would have performances. Now if you want to?publicize your play you must buy an ad. This is called marketing. There are discounted campus rates. These prices are even listed on their home page for your convenience.

Newspapers are not in the business of values or culture as you have assumed, that is where your parents come into play and your own intelligence. Newspapers are a business – to inform the readers of news.

Now the down side of the newspaper is that we have to enlist the help of local businesses to finance the news. Income is the advertising department.

The Herald is one of the?top three?award-winning groups on campus. Those students work very hard to give YOU, the student, the most important information in a limited space. I take direct offense to that because myself and many students before me and after me have worked long hours into the night to make the paper the best in the nation – 11 times.

We live in a consumer world, and yes Jeff, corporate America wants you to see their logo as much as possible.

Stay in school a little longer Jeff and study a little harder, then when you are a senior re-evaluate your stance on this issue.

And if you need help with promotions and advertising I would be more than willing to work for you – for a fee.

John Tebault

Elizabethtown graduate

Other streets need crosswalks too

I am writing about the lack of a crosswalk on Normal Drive in front of the new journalism building and Grise Hall. It seems funny to me that there used to be a crosswalk in front of the journalism building, when the building wasn’t there. They paved over that crosswalk the first week of school, and I have been missing it ever since. I don’t know if you have tried to cross Normal Drive yet on a weekday, but it is not fun. Do you realize how long it takes to get a break to cross that street? I’m late to class every day.

Grise is one of the busiest buildings on campus. It houses over five departments. Students are crossing the street between Grise and the Baptist Student Union in droves. There are crosswalks in front of every academic building on campus except for the two that cross the busiest street. Are you guys trying to knock off the business students?

I have tried to contact the police captain, but he must be too busy to call me back. If Western is concerned with people’s safety, how do they keep missing this? They keep questioning safety on University Boulevard, but what about those who don’t even have a crosswalk? Does someone have to get hit by a car before they put one on that street?

Wendy Tabor

Bowling Green senior