Response to Amy Campbell’s Letter

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I would like to respond to Amy Campbell’s Letter “There Should Definately Be a Lawsuit”:

You stated that “Western played a part in Katie’s death because she wasn’t secure”. Let me ask you a question, if your apartment got robbed while you were at work one day, would you sue your landlord? If you went out to a friends house, had a few drinks, & then decided to drive home, would you sue your friend if you got into an accident or got a DUI? No, you wouldn’t. There is this thing called “RESPONSIBILITY” that no one wants to claim anymore for their own actions or inactions. No, I do not think that a desk clerk should chase someone down the hall to get an ID. Should they report them? Probably. But, again, if you are adult enough to venture out on your own, then be adult enough to follow the rules. If you still need a babysitter or are not mature enough to understand the concept of locking your doors, the stay at home & go to a community college. As far as Katie going to a fraternity party & being served alcohol, no one forced her to drink. People do a lot of stupid things in college, I know I did, but the things I did were my decisions & I take full responsibility for my actions. There is no question that Katie should not have died, but have you ever heard of not putting yourself in a bad or compermising situation?

Just one more question: If you are so concerned about the security on campus, then why would you condone a lawsuit that would potentially cost Western millions of dollars, the same dollars that could be spent on improving the security of the students? No matter what college you go to, things are going to happen. Yes, it is tragic & I am not going to even pretend that I know what her family is going through, but don’t you think that they should be more focused on punishing the person or persons that did this & less concerned on what they can get out of this financially?