We are buying our own houses

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I am an American…. but I am also a member of the Greek population at Western. It seems like a lot of people can find nothing better to do than to take cheap shots at all of the fraternities and sororities. I was totally appalled when I looked in the Herald and saw yet another editorial bashing the Greek system.

If you are not in a fraternity or sorority then chances are that you do not know what goes on. There are scholarship requirements, many of which exceed University standards. We serve the community in many ways and do more in a semester than most groups do in a year. Fraternities and soroities more then a bunch of partiers.

I was also not aware that most people on campus do not like “Greeks”. I find it rather humorous that someone can publicize such an unsupported allegation. I wish that people who share such views would spend time with a person who is in a fraternity or sorority and learn that they are no different than any other WKU stundent. Maybe then people will realize that being in a fraternity or sorority does not mean that I am paying for my friends. I am paying a nominal fee to cover the bills that give me the opportunity to share in a brotherhood and a system that means more to me than any person who is not greek can understand.

Lastly, in no official document from the university was it ever stated that the fraternity houses will be paid for by the students. The houses will all be bought and fully paid for by the fraternities and sororities themselves. People should read all of the information that they can on a subject before they should make public comments about it.

Fraternally Yours,

Brandon Kyle Minton

Leitchfield Junior