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Yes, another letter regarding the lawsuit against Western! I just finished reading the letter from someone who called Western a “fine institution” and I will tell you first hand that that statement is not accurate as far as I am concerned. The so-called fine institution ahs not a thing in the wake of Katie’s death to help her roomate, who by the way is my daughter. The university’s response to her loss of everything she owns is to say she should have had renter’s insurance. Well first of all I don’t remember seeing anything about needing renter’s insurance when she was first enrolled, unlike at the beginning of this semester- I did see the pamplets on it. Second, if the rules had of been followed in Poland as they were supposed to be then renter’s insurance would not have been NEEDED. I had visited my daughter quite often in Poland and was never stopped for any reason. So if you want to talk about heartless greed then let’s add Western to that list. With all of the monies that is donated don’t you think they could at least have a heart and help the Autry family and us too with all of the expenses that we have occured, not out of any guilt or admission of wrong doing, but because it would have been the RIGHT thing to do? If it were such a “fine institution” then someone would have reached out to offer some kind of assistance. The bottom line is, Katie should have been safe in her room, and she wasn’t because somebody didn’t do the job that they were assigned to do.