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I am writing about the lack of a crosswalk on Normal Dr. infront of the new Journalism building and Grise. It seems funny to me that there used to be a crosswalk infront of the Journalism building, when the building wasn’t there.They paved over that crosswalk the first week of school, and I have been missing it ever since. I don’t know if you have tried to cross Normal Dr. yet on a weekday, but it is not fun. Do you realize how long it takes to get a break to cross that street? I’m late to Advertising every day.

Grise Hall is one of the busiest buildings on campus. It houses over 5 dept. Students are crossing the street between Grise and the Baptist Student Center in droves. There are crosswalks infront of every academic building on campus except for the two that cross the busiest street. Are you guys trying to knock off the business students?

I have tried to contact the Police Captain, but he must be too busy to call me back. If Western is concerned with people’s safety, then how do they keep missing this? They keep questioning the safety of students on University Boulevard, but what about the students who don’t even have a crosswalk? Does someone have to get hit by a car before they put a crosswalk on that street?

Wendy Tabor