Dorms were not safe

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Having read most of the letters to the editor in response to Ms. Autry’s unfortunate demise, I have never been more compelled to write than when I read about how it is the students responsibility to make sure guests check in and not the desk clerk.

As a senior, I lived in the dorms for my first three years at Western. As a freshman, I walked in and out of dorms unnoticed to go get my friends, the same for my sophomore year. However my junior year, someone came up to my dorm room; someone I did not care to see.

Last year while living in the dorms I was seeing a guy who neglected to tell me he had a girlfriend. Upon my finding out he offered to come over and explain his self, I checked him in on his arrival. A few minutes later, a harsh pounding began on my door. It was his girlfriend, who did NOT live in my dorm. She had just walked right through the lobby then up to my room. Thank God all she wanted to do was berate us; however had she chose to have done worse (perhaps had a gun or knife), she very well could done so and no one would have known.

My point, someone was not doing their job the night that girl came up to my room and someone was definitely not doing their job the night Ms. Autry was murdered. Ms. Autry’s family has every right to sue.

Amanda Ortega

senior, New Albany Ind.