SGA will consider shelter

Lindsey Reed

Legislation to add a new shuttle bus shelter and the approval of student representatives to University Senate will highlight tomorrow’s Student Government Association meeting.

Patti Johnson, executive vice president of SGA, said the legislation to add a shelter to the Jones-Jaggers shuttle stop was brought up by the Campus Improvements Committee.

The legislation requests $8,000 for the project.

The shuttle stop currently has a bench, but no shelter. SGA will vote on the legislation tonight.

SGA will also approve three appointments to the University Senate.

SGA President John Bradley said he has appointed Louisville senior Troy Ransdell, but Bradley has not announced the other two appointments.

Bradley said any Western student who has completed 60 hours and has a 2.75 grade point average could request to be on the senate.

“I haven’t had any inquiries outside of student government,” Bradley said.

Ransdell served as a member last year. He said being a senate member is a good opportunity because students can be underrepresented in university decisions.

“You have a greater impact on campus events,” Ransdell said. “I think the University Senate holds a lot of leadership skills for students.”

Ransdell said one of his goals is to take a stand against the possible plus/minus grading system that is currently being discussed in the senate.

Organizational aid to be announced soon

Student organizations seeking financial aid from SGA will soon find out how much they will get.

Nick Todd, SGA vice president of finance, said the deadline for applications ended Friday, and the interviewing process will begin next week.

A total of 92 organizations filed applications, Todd said.

Todd said SGA considers factors such as an organization’s goals, number of members, and how the organization is funded when deciding how to divide the funds.

Organizations with campus-wide events could get more assistance.

“If a lot of students will be affected, more money will be given,” Todd said.

He said a total of $20,000 is allotted in the budget for organizational aid, which is a $3,000 increase from last year.

The total amount available for organizations in the fall is $18,000, while $2,000 is reserved for other organizations that will file for aid during the second semester.

The maximum amount each organization can receive is $550.

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