Body Piercing Safety

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After reading Marlene Brueggemann’s article, “Fresh Skin”, I was shocked to see that not much information was given about the safety of tattooing/body piercing. Many students are going out and getting tattoos and piercing, but many are grossly uninformed about what they need to do before putting a hole in their body.

I am an employee at the Outer Loop body piercing shop in the Greenwood Mall, but the information I am giving is unbiased and purely for the education of those who are thinking of getting a body piercing.

First, realize that a piercing is an open wound in your body. It is not only important that you should take the upmost care of it, but that it is pierced properly and sterilely.

Just because a facility pierces this does not mean that they are sterile. There is no health department that reviews piecing facilities in Kentucky. When you go to get a piercing, ask the piercer to not only tell you how they sterilize, but also have them show you. Also make sure that the facility is sterile and clean.

The jewelry that they pierce you with should also be clean. Jewelry you bought from a store and bring to be pierced with is not sterile.

Be aware of what gauge (width of jewelry) you are being pierced with. Some piercing places don’t always have what they need to pierce you, so they will pierce you with whatever they have.

Another important fact is that there is no piercing licensing in Kentucky. So be sure to ask the piercer what kind of training they went through and how long they have been piercing.

Also know how to take care of the piercing after you’ve had it done. You are responsible for the care of your piercing after you leave the shop, but the piercer should be responsible for telling you or giving you a care sheet on how to properly take care of your piercing.

I sincerely hope that if anyone is thinking about having a piercing done that they will take it very seriously. If not taken care of properly, a piercing can become quickly infected. Going to get a piercing should be fun, but if you don’t educate yourself as to how it should be done and taken care of it can lead to serious consequences.

By: Jeri McIntosh


Cincinnati, OH