I’m American and Greek

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In reference to the article previously published by Nathan Smith, Congratulations on being American I just so happen to be one myself. In the melting pot of America people need to learn to deal with different customs and beliefs especially ones different from your own. I found Nathan’s article quite amusing because he’s only thinking about hiself. How about the fact that there are freshmen living in apartments because there wasn’t enough space in the nice renovated dorms? I’m sure they love that fact that although Western doesn’t have room for them they are still going to get to help pay for those nice dorms in thier tuition. Or how about the fact that people pay to use Preston, but don’t have time to go there for various reasons such as working their way through college. Just because I don’t have time to go to Preston doesn’t mean I’m bitter about others getting to use it. Life isn’t fair! And in my opinion one of the funniest thing about the Greek Village is that most of the current Greeks will never live in a Greek Village because they will graduate before it’s constructed. However, I would like to see future fraternity/sorority members living in houses that are not in need of serious repair. Also, do not disrespect President Ransdell for having the best interest of the students in mind. It doesn’t take someone affiliated with Greek organizations to realize that they deserve better living conditions. You have noticed the renovation going on around campus haven’t you? Furthermore if you’re afraid that the Greek houses will be nicer than having an ice machine on every floor of your dorm than my advice to you and all those who don’t believe that Greeks should live in houses as nice as your dorms is go out and join a Greek organization and tell me that you’d rather live in a house with a bathroom that is about to cave in, instead of a much safer house.

Mary Owens, Sophomore

Radcliff, KY