Editor’s note

Kyle Hightower

I’ll preface this by saying that the following is in no way meant to discourage readers from voicing their concerns.

As the open forum and champion for complete free speech as we know it in this country, it is paramount for people to have a place where they can feel free to express themselves as they see fit.

Likewise, it is also the perrogative of a person with a differing viewpoint to express themselves in response.

That said however, in the interest of fairness and variety on the pages of the Opinion section, we will be putting a hold on all letters dealing with the Greek Village issue unless they raise an issue or have a comment that has yet to be voiced.

If you feel you have a letter that does such, feel free to send it along. And we look forward to seeing more discussion generated amongst the student body as the issue continues to develop. But until then, we ask that you respect the editorial board’s decision in this matter.

There is also one issue regarding a few past letters that needs clarification. The Herald at no time in its editorial content stated that student money would be used to fund Greek houses. We reported only the new that fees could possibly be used to buy land.

-Kyle Hightower

opinion editor