Student Privacy

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In response to the September 18 article “Concerns raise about students’ privacy”:

I am a non-traditional student. I have been to many different places, I have a place of my own off campus, I work and do my homework for class the next day and … I have an ex-husband. I left my married life behind three years ago for reasons I will not get into here. However, over the past three years I have not lost the idea of looking over my shoulder, or expecting that one day I will open my front door with my ex standing there … still angry, still sad, still ready to lash out at a given opportunity.

From the beginning of my adventure here at WKU I have had reservations and concerns with my home address and phone number being so readily available for anyone to have access too. Now, I don’t mind so much that other students and faculty have the option of getting in contact with me when they need too, but when someone from the “outside” has that as well … well, I’m a bit uncomfortable with that.

Having said the above about myself, and my own concern as a student here, I fully support the idea that such personal information should not be so openly available. Call me paranoid … whatever. But I know some others out there who are just as concerned and would rather not have past relationships, or other possibilities to come knocking at their front door or ringing their phone off the hook.

Please continue to look into the safety of the members of WKU, whether they are faculty, staff, or student. Privacy is one thing nobody can afford to loose.

Dianna Schaefer


Bowling Green, Ky

Student – Sophomore