The University should take responsibility

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This is Danica Jackson, and I was Katie Autry’s roommate. That being established you know that I resided in Poland Hall and I know for a fact that “the proper safety procedures” that were SUPPOSED to be in place were NOT enforced and as a result Katie is DEAD. Instead of tryin to cover your asses to get more students to attend (even though we are over capacity, which doesn’t seem to bother you guys), maybe you should start taking responsibility for the lack of security last year. This year does seem to be better, which means you have made an effort, but for God’s sake, with all the MILLIONS of dollars that are contributed to this school for FRIVILOUS purposes, I’m sure you could find a couple of thousand to help out Katie’s family with the expenses they recured as a result of the attack. Her family does not have that much money, and weather or not it was the University’s fault, the right thing to do would be to help them. Donna Autry’s daugher is DEAD. She was MURDERED in her dorm room!! By the way, I am FULLY prepared to testify for Katie’s family that the security was NOT effective in Poland Hall.

Danica Jackson


Radcliff, sophomore