Crime reports


#&8226; Erin Rene Riley, Bates-Runner Hall, reported Thursday receiving 20 obscene phone calls from an unknown caller.

#&8226; Deborah M. Lively, Nashville Road, reported Thursday the theft of her $70 Kroger gift card from her office at South Campus.

#&8226; Todd Micheal Jones, Keen Hall, reported Thursday the theft of his $65 parking permit from his 1993 Mazda Protege parked in Egypt Lot.

#&8226; Heather Nicole Wilburn, Rodes-Harlin Hall, reported Thursday the theft of $35 from her wallet left in her vehicle parked in Campbell Lane Lot. The passenger side window was broken.

#&8226; Rebecca Erin Thomson, Patton Way Apartments, reported Thursday $40 stolen and criminal mischief to her 1990 Nissan. The passenger side window was broken out. The window damage totaled $200.

#&8226; Kerry Watson, Regents Avenue, reported Friday criminal mischief after she noticed that someone pulled the $100 exit sign and $5 ceiling tile down in Bemis Lawrence Hall.

#&8226; Abigail Christine King, Cabell Drive, reported Friday her checkbook lost or stolen from her backpack. She is unaware of where she may have been when the $1 checkbook cover and seven checks totaling $3 became missing.

#&8226; Paul Marty Neel, McLean Hall, reported the theft of his $150 detachable face stereo/compact disc player, $750 worth of CDs and $30 worth of copied CDs. The property was stolen from his 1991 Geo Prism parked on the sixth floor of the parking structure.