Job good for Hughes

Who says ombudsmen are just for newspapers?

Western made a practical and frankly overdue move in adding that title to the duties of Luther Hughes, associate vice president for enrollment management.

Hughes, who has been one of the driving forces in bringing students to the Hill during his time here, will now be one of students’ resources to take care of those incidental problems that nag students once they get here. Think of him as a big brother for students. A problem solver in a sometimes problematic path to graduation.

Hughes knows that along with being an authority on university policy, it is also imperative for the first student ombudsman that Western has ever had to be sensitive to the needs of students. His track record suggests he understands both well.

This help could be anything from assistance with degree programs to just about anything academically related that students might need help with. His appointment will hopefully take the middle man out of the equation for students and get problems solved a lot easier. That will help take the strain off everybody involved and make the Western machine run more swiftly.

And more importantly, it will help expedite Western’s students’ undergraduate experience. That is something we’re sure everybody can appreciate.

Many props to Western for realizing the need and putting a strong candidate with a history of helping students in place to fill it.

This editorial represents the majority opinion of the Herald’s 10-member board of student editors.