Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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I attened Western for three years & lived in the dorms for two of those years. I think that filing a suit against Western for Ms. Autry’s death is completely ridiculous! It is the residence’s responsibility to sign in guests at the front desk of the residence hall, not the RA’s or the desk clerk’s. Especially on a crazy Saturday night with numerous people coming in & out of the dorms, the desk clerk can get distracted with others signing in & checking out. The RA’s are not there to be babysitter’s. If you are mature enough & adult enought to move away from home for college & live in the dorms, then you should be responsible enough to obey the rules, such as checking your guest in. This is a rule to protect you & if you don’t abide by it, then it is your own fault. I am not saying that Ms. Aurty deserved anything that happened to her, but the only people that should be held responsible are the guys that did this. Ms. Autry’s family need to understand that by not obeying the rules, she was the sole person that left herself unprotected.