Letters to the editor

Enraged by worn-out Greek stereotypes of misled readers

I am writing to state a few facts about the Greek community.

For all of you who degrade us, can I ask what Greeks have ever done to you? We are the most active GROUP of students on Western’s campus. We volunteer every year, rain or shine, at the Medical Center 10 K Classic (held on our campus). Where are the rest of you that weekend? We have higher sorority and fraternity GPAs than all women and all men GPAs at Western. Wow, I thought all we did was party. We did thousands of hours of community service last year and donated over $30,000 to charities like the Make a Wish Foundation, the Ronald McDonald House, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, just to name a few.

How much did those of you who judge us critically donate? The last four SGA presidents, including Mr. Bradley, that the ENTIRE student body elects, have been Greek. I thought non-Greeks (82 percent of students) hated Greeks and couldn’t identify with anything we believe in.

I am also a little confused about the funding Mr. Bradley alluded Greeks get from Student Activities. As the president of a sorority, I would like to know where I can pick up our check; we haven’t received an ounce of funding from Student Activities since I have been a member.

It enrages me to hear the worn-out stereotypes about Greeks. We do love to have a good time; everyone does. Please remember all these things next time you go to slander the entire Greek community. One more thing, to quote a rush shirt (yeah, we make them and are PROUD to wear them), “If I paid for my friends, I sure got a good deal.”

Jessica Jolly

Alpha Delta Pi president,

Bowling Green senior

In response to a past letter

I am writing in response to an “opinion” piece that ran in Thursday’s issue by Nathan Smith. While I respect Nathan’s enthusiasm, I cannot agree with his “me” approach to this issue.

In my time at Western, I have learned a great deal about life and especially about dealing with people. You live in a world where stereotypes rule the day and why? Because it is easy. Just because you’ve watched a few movies like “Old School” and “Animal House,” it doesn’t make you a connoisseur of Greek life.

From a personal perspective, I take great offense at the shot that you took at Gary Ransdell. I was president of SAE for the last year and was involved in the initial discussions about the possibility of the Greek Row. I can’t remember President Ransdell even being involved in the initial discussions. It was Gene Tice’s project and he was the man that pitched it to all of the fraternities and sororities.

In my time in SAE, and in my year as president of that organization, the relationship that existed between President Ransdell and our chapter had a dual dynamic. He was president of the university, he was an alumnus of Western, he was an alumnus of SAE, and he was a parent of a student at Western.

Mr. Smith, I’m sure you’re a wonderful person. You simply need to do your homework before you go around dropping empty accusations. If you really want to know the truth about the Greek Row and its details; go to the Greek Affairs office or make an appointment to see Tice.

Tommy Williams

Smyrna, Tenn., senior

Also proud to be an American

In reference to the letter previously published by Nathan Smith, congratulations on being American. I just so happen to be one myself. In the melting pot of America, people need to learn to deal with different customs and beliefs especially ones different from your own. I found Nathan’s (letter to the editor) quite amusing because he’s only thinking about himself.

About the fact that people pay to use Preston, but don’t have time to go there for various reasons such as working their way through college: Just because I don’t have time to go to Preston doesn’t mean I’m bitter about others getting to use it. Life isn’t fair! And in my opinion, one of the funniest things about the Greek Village is that most of the current Greeks will never live in a Greek Village because they will graduate before it’s constructed.

However, I would like to see future fraternity/sorority members living in houses that are not in need of serious repair. It doesn’t take someone affiliated with Greek organizations to realize that they deserve better living conditions.

Furthermore if you’re afraid that the Greek houses will be nicer than having an ice machine on every floor of your dorm, then my advice to you and all those who don’t believe that Greeks should live in houses as nice as your dorms is go out and join a Greek organization and tell me that you’d rather live in a house with a bathroom that is about to cave in, instead of a much safer house.

Mary Owens

Radcliff sophomore

People should check facts

I am an American …. but I am also a member of the Greek population at Western. It seems like a lot of people can find nothing better to do than to take cheap shots at all of the fraternities and sororities. I was totally appalled when I looked in the Herald and saw yet another (letter to the editor) bashing the Greek system.

If you are not in a fraternity or sorority then chances are that you do not know what goes on. There are scholarship requirements, many of which exceed university standards. We serve the community in many ways and do more in a semester than most groups do in a year. Fraternities and sororities more then a bunch of partiers.

I was also not aware that most people on campus do not like “Greeks.” I find it rather humorous that someone can publicize such an unsupported allegation. I wish that people who share such views would spend time with a person who is in a fraternity or sorority and learn that they are no different than any other Western student. Maybe then people will realize that being in a fraternity or sorority does not mean that I am paying for my friends. I am paying a nominal fee to cover the bills that give me the opportunity to share in a brotherhood and a system that means more to me than any person who is not Greek can understand.

Lastly, in no official document from the university was it ever stated that the fraternity houses will be paid for by the students. The houses will all be bought and fully paid for by the fraternities and sororities themselves. People should read all of the information that they can on a subject before they should make public comments about it.

Brandon Kyle Minton

Leitchfield junior

Tired of stereotypes

Response to Mr. Smith’s gross attack of Greeks:

First, the “party lifestyle that characterizes Greek life” is a stereotype. Greeks do party, but this is not Animal House. Greeks have numerous social engagements that must be attended e.g.: alcohol safety training required by both IFC and Western. Greeks have to balance those endeavors with their academic obligations. Moreover, Greeks give service to the community in a quite noticeable quantity. Where exactly is the highway adopted by Mr. Smith? How about the graduation rate of Greeks compared to nonaffiliated students? Yep, we’re above the bar on that one.

Second, if you take offense to some writing on a T-shirt, get a box of self esteem pills and overdose. The shirts aren’t directed toward the general populace, it’s a friendly game of fraternity name calling. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Third, Greeks do adhere to Western rules and stipulations. Every social organization on campus must attend training provided and required by Western.

Fourth, I’m glad that Mr. Smith finds it “comic to pay for his friends.” He has completely missed the point of fraternity and demonstrates a shallow understanding of brotherhood. That is an undesirable trait in a brother. Congratulations Mr. Smith, you earn a black ball.

Finally, why does Mr. Smith keep using the pronoun “we”? He doesn’t speak for me. And does he speak for our former SAE president?

Mr. Smith, attack the plan, not the Greeks.

Riley Jones

Florence sophomore