Nipping an Issue in the Bud

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I think it?s time someone gives credit where credit is due. Regarding the recent controversy regarding the proposed Greek village and the over-zealous, self-righteous ranting of Mr. Smith, I think it?s high time someone not Greek-affiliated took a stab at cooling these foolish flames of Greek bashing.

Personally, Greek life was never for me. I have friends in both fraternities and sororities that I take seriously as individuals. That?s what they are. They each have their own name, their own mind, and their own voice in which to speak their thoughts. They have fears and hopes just like everyone else. Do you like everyone you know that is non-Greek? It?s highly unlikely. And even though I once believed that they purchased their friends for an annual price, I?ve come to realize that the people they choose to be with share similar interests, enjoy their company, and are willing to listen. And, if they truly bought their friends, I want to know where my check is!

I never joined a fraternity because I was busy doing other things. I was on the Forensics team at Western, and then joined AdFed where I became an active participant and eventually, Internal VP. I had to buy suits for Forensics and pay a thirty-five dollar fee for AdFed each year. Was I buying friends, at a cheaper price? That?d be a big no. We all had something in common, and we found a way to get together and do some good for other people while enjoying ourselves. Don?t think for a second that I will not put these activities on a resume in the future. It?s situations like these, and the Greek organizations, that employers look to for future leaders of companies.

Through interaction with other people, we show a personal growth that can?t be found staying in a shell and shunning everyone else who isn?t doing what you think they should be.

I say, let them have a Greek village. The fraternities and sororities will pay the money back, so relax.

And, if you still think it?s a stupid idea, take a little solace in knowing that when this Greek village goes through, the fraternities and sororities will be centralized and out of your hair. Even though that is a pretty narrow view of the goings-on at a progressive campus like Western, if it helps keep you in the walls you?ve built around yourself, then keep at it.

Andrew Miladin


Shelbyville Senior