News brief

Lindsey Reed

Senate meets today

Faculty concerns have prompted University Senate to look into the status of a mold removal project in some of Western’s academic buildings.

The senate will meet today at 3:30 p.m. in Garrett Ballroom.

Senate chairman Doug Smith said the meeting was arranged after some faculty members expressed concerns about mold in Tate Page Hall and the fine arts center.

Gene Tice, vice president of Student Affairs and campus services, said he will attend to help explain the present condition of the mold problem and future plans involved in air quality projects in the two buildings.

Doug Ault, director of Facilities Management, will also be in attendance to discuss the mechanics of what is being done to rid mold and improve the air systems in Tate Page and FAC.

The current air conditioning systems were installed in the late ’60s or ’70s and do not remove humidity from the air, he said.

Ault said some of the improvements so far have included replaced ceiling tiles and valves and new insulation for pipes. But the university needs more investments to get some of the projects finished, he said.

Faculty information will also be on the agenda.

Smith said a resolution regarding publication of faculty home contact information may be voted on today.

Mary Wolinski, chair of the Faculty Status and Professional Responsibilities Committee, said her committee would be proposing the resolution.

Currently, the university publishes faculty home addresses and phone numbers unless faculty put in a request against it.

“The resolution we have will request that the default will not print the home address and phone number,” Wolinski said.

The resolution was created at the Sept. 4 committee meeting.

-Lindsey Reed