katie autry

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This is in response to the previous letters written about not only the Autry family lawsuit, but the “fine institution” that Western so obviously is. It is also again, somewhat directed to Mr. Gary Ransdell.

To Mr. Chad McClarnon, if Western is such a “fine institution”, then why has not our President once bothered to even see if I, also a victim (though obviously not in the same way) of the fire, was ok? He sure sent out those letters real fast about students “safety” on campus to ensure our healthy enrollment rate, but did not send a letter, e-mail or phone call of condolences or to see if perhaps the grief of losing my best friend had been too much to bear. This in conjunction with his lack of moral responsibilty to even admit part fault has forced to to view him as a cold, uncaring person, and he does represent us, Western, so what does that say about us?

To everyone who THINKS they know what happened on the night Katie was killed, you don’t. Yes, you may have lived on campus sometime in the last twenty years, but you didn’t live in Poland last year, and you may very well have lived in Poland last year, but you don’t know what happened that night, so do not, no matter how much you’ve “followed the case” presume to tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about. Yes, the dorms are slightly better this year, but the committee that reported this was not formed after the robberies last year in Poland or after a friend of mine was held up by GUNPOINT in POLAND, but after a person was killed. And to those who have been mislead, no, the boys were NOT checked into Poland.

Do I agree with everything presented in the lawsuit, no, but the fact is, the procedure calls for EVERYONE to be checked in at the front desk, I know that Katie would not have cheked them in, you may not, but I do. Therefore, the boys would not have been in our room, and they wouldn’t have BURNED HER TO DEATH. I would still have my best friend. Oh yea, it was 2:00 Saturady morning, the desk clerks were busy and missed seeing a boy just waltz up to the second floor, so it’s not they’re fault, right? That’s the procedure, it was not followed, clearly that makes it PARTLY their fault.

Danica Jackson


Radcliff Sophomore