Theatre Department Coverage

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Dear Editor-

I am writing you a letter in response to a previous letter sent to you from one of my fellow Theatre Dept. students. Hopefully I am speaking for the department when I say I AM SORRY. The topic that was discussed in the letter is not in any fashion a common view among the department as a whole. I sincerely appreciate everything that your organization does for the theatre deparment.

I, personally, am glad that you do not do full page spreads on every theatre department show. Part of your responsibility, I think, is bi-partisan reporting of news. It would be unfair to other organizations on campus if you reported on every theatre event and not each of theirs (not to mention overshadowing the news.) I would also like to point out that several hundred people attended the recent mainstage (incorrectly coined by Jeff Dye as “mainstream”) show Apocalypso! while the WKU vs. EKU football game held upwords of eighteen thousand fans. I believe that we as a department do not wish to fill seats at our show, however encourage cultural enrichment and diversity through attendance.

Theatre is an art, and while art is an essential and beneficial part of everyone’s life, it never generates money to pay university bills or improvements that benefit everyone, including theatre students. The theatre department daily encourages attendance and participation of campus sporting events. For example, we have our own flag footbal team the “thespians.”

I would also like to take this time to point out that your organization’s newspaper is not cluttered with large corporations ads, but local stores that would interest WKU students. How can a newspaper routed in

a college, presumabling working off grant money, “sell out to big corporations?” I enjoy your paper and look forward to every issue.


Kyle Thomas


Madisonville, Ky.