Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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Being a recent graduate of WKU, I remember living in Poland Hall only three years ago. I remember having to show my ID every time I came into the dorm even when the RA at the desk personally knew me. That was the rule. So if the desk clerk didn’t check the IDs of the two men that came into the dorm the morning Katie Autry was killed, which is a rule implemented by WKU, then Western is at fault. In response to the letter Ms. Passafiume submitted in the September 23 edition, Miss Autry is not solely at fault. Whether it was a busy Saturday night or not, it is the rule that the desk clerk checks ALL IDs. If this is too difficult due to too many guests, then Western needs to change the rule. Therefore, if the desk clerk indeed did not check the ID, he or she and WKU is at fault. Yes, I was aggravated with the rule when I lived there as I felt we were all adults, but this is WKU’s campus and WKU makes the rules.