Non-traditional students

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Going into my final semester, it shouldn’t bother me anymore. The letters addressed to the parents of Donald Lee Terry. Although my parents are amused, I can’t say that I am. You see, I am 39 years old and have been away from home for 21 years. It seems that the college’s computer system doesn’t weed out traditional from non-traditional students. Which is a nice way of saying appropriate age students from old ones.

While at Western one is surrounded by youth. It’s difficult for us non-traditional students not to feel old. We are, after-all, older than most of the students. We are not the norm. So, do we strive to fit in? Should we be bothered by the letters to our parents? I guess not.

We should be pleased with ourselves that we have finally strived to further our education. We should be proud that we are jumping through more hurdles than many traditional students. Hurdles of families, jobs, homes, and yes, age. So, I will keep my head up, do my school, work and open the mail addressed to my parents without grumbling because that’s all part of being a non-traditional student.

Don Terry