The Women’s Studies Department “Taps Out.”

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The forum conducted Monday night on the subject of professional wrestling was both irresponsible and insulting to the intelligence of this student body. The department obviously wanted to project the guise of a public forum, when intending nothing of the kind. This is glaringly obvious by the fact that they conducted their forum at 7 P.M. on MONDAY NIGHT. Do they honestly expect anyone to believe they were allowing for a full spectrum of views from all sides when they chose to hold their forum on the same night and time a majority of the people who possessed passionate views in favor of wrestling would be at home watching it?!?…and no, taping it isn’t the same as watching it live. They can’t claim ignorance because the film they showed (“Wrestling With Manhood”) showed excerpts from MONDAY NIGHT Raw.

Some of the greatest opportunities for learning we encounter at Western occur when we hear from those that do not share our opinions…or even zealously oppose what we think. The scam perpetrated by the Women’s Studies Department Monday largely prevented that from happening. If they truly want to prove otherwise, they should reschedule the forum, give plenty of notice, and make sure that fliers are placed on every floor in the residence halls as well as all academic buildings. Anything less is a confession that they knew their position(s) would not hold up to legitimate scrutiny, and they knowingly took steps to shield themselves from such.

Troy Cole



Owensboro, KY.