Katie Autry Lawsuit

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Two Herald issues in a row I’ve sat back and read comments from students in favor of the late Katie Autry’s family’s decision to sue this fine institution. Now, let me get something straight…are they filing suit because two guys brutally killed her on campus?? Or maybe because she came back from a party and sneaked these guys by the desk clerks in Poland?? Or maybe its the family’s legal representation attempting to hide heartless greed under the guise of grief and the want to find “answers” about their child’s tragic death. Now it’s true…Ms. Autry, nor anyone else, deserves a death as horrific as this one, but to add to that, no one deserves to have their life dishonored by dragging a distinguished institution such as this one into a long legal battle in the attempts to lay blame on the blameless and make a quick buck. They have found the murderers that performed this horrible act, sue them, and leave Western alone.

Chad McClarnon

Sophomore from Gallatin, TN