A thousand words beyond the Hill

Brett Flashnick

Holding the edge of the pool, Clay Fulcher, 8, right, and Emily Gill, 8, of Russellville are kicking to warm up for practice.

And giggling.

They’re trying to splash their coach.

When you’re a kid, water might just be the way to stay cool on those hot summer days. Or it can be just another excuse to have fun. Then you grow up, and water becomes just something that’s there when you turn on the faucet.

But that’s not how it is at the indoor pool at the Carpenter Center in Russellville. Summer is ending, but the swim season for the Southern Kentucky Swim Club will continue through winter.

Wrapped up in work and school again, we should remember to take a break from our busy lives to go to the pool or lake, remember that water isn’t there just to sustain us biologically. Remember how much fun the water is.

Brett Flashnick is a junior photojournalism major from Columbia, S.C. He can be reached at [email protected]