Race relations

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To whom it may concern,

Let me begin by saying that I love WKU, but in my two years here I have noticed that there seems to be a polarization on campus between blacks and whites. I acknowledge that there are numerous students of both races that have friends or even significant others of the opposite race; but, having said that, I have become increasingly aware of the large amounts of students from both races who don’t have friends outside their own ethnic group. Being a black man who has predominantly caucasian friends, I sometimes get leered at or teased by members of my own race while leaving or approaching the PFT/Keen/Poland area with my friends. It’s not that these jeers hurt me, but I just find it disconcerting that a campus as well integrated as Western (with students from numerous foreign countries and all across the states) would have so much self-integration by individual groups. Everyone has their own group of friends, and it is only natural that people relate easier to those of their own race; however, I feel that college is a great opportunity to meet different people of all colors and nationalities, and that those who choose to seclude themselves to a similar group of friends will only serve to perpetuate the stereotypes and ignorance that exist and have existed in America for over 200 years once they exit college and enter the “real world.” Again, this isn’t a rant- I tease sometimes and expect to be teased- I just hope that when I exit Western I will enter a world where the ideals and dreams of pioneers like MLK, Frederick Douglass, and JFK are more fully realized, and the superficiality of hip hop culture and the MTV generation are as laughable as polyester jumpsuits and pet rocks.